Project Background

In 2007 Vermont Healers was created by a group of Herbalists from Montpelier to Burlington who wanted to share resources, support the local economy, and promote education and awareness in our towns about natural health. Dozens of others joined, from many different modalities from massage therapists, to café owners, to holistic nurses.

Access to holistic health services is a challenge for many Vermonters, due to lack of funds, transportation or insurance coverage. To bridge the gap of access, an official ‘time banking’ barter system is available through Onion River Exchange and REACH Carebank.

In spring of 2011 Vermont Healers.Org merged with the Transition Town Montpelier Health and Wellness Group. Transition Town Vermont is bringing the heads, hearts and hands of communities together in response to economic instability, peak oil, and climate change.

For more information go to: and search for Health and Wellness under "groups".

Our unified vision, creativity and work will outlast the structures that are now breaking down, and will become the reliable, strong and grounded structure that stands. As an organized network of holistic health care providers we can leverage and empower local action and support during the global changes affecting all of us.

This is a free, statewide, online health care database. It is also downloadable, in pdf form.

Founding sponsors and special partners:

Hunger Mountain Co-op
City Market
Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op
Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center
Onion River Exchange
Connect with Amy Miller
REACH Carebank

3WPromotions Webmaster Elisa Clancy  

Transition Town Montpelier Coordinator Annie McCleary

Founding board members:
Marie Frohlich, Cristi Nunziata, Lisa Mase, Sandra Lory, Jae Ehrich, Jason Pugliese and Sherry Rhynard

EXPO coordinators: Joann Darling, Lizzie Brood, Sandra Lory, Marie Frohlich, Lisa Mase, Jane Hulstrunk, Dana Woodruff